The basis of our cow herd dam lines are primarily from Takeda Farm’s operation. Shogo Takeda was the first to introduce the Wagyu breed of cattle to the island of Hokkaido in 1954. Wagyu cattle of that time were used for labor as well as for meat.

The Takeda Farm’s foundation cattle were first purchased from Nougi District and Nita District in Shimane Prefecture and then later from Atetsu District in Okayama and Mikata District in Hyogo Prefecture. The descendents were raised, bred and selected for better meat quality, greater quantity, and greater economic value. This intensive breeding, cross-breeding and inbreeding program has resulted in the five maternal (dam) lines of today.

Of those, Triangle B Ranch has the following maternal lines:

Takeda Farms

  • Kinto – Ezokinto – Kinto
  • Hikokura
  • Sakae
  • Fujihime
  • Itokanemi

In addition to Takada Farm’s we have the following maternal lines from World K’s and Japanese Venture Partners:

  • World K’s

    • Okutani
  • Japanese Venture Partners

    • Matsufuji
    • Yoshihime
    • Dai 3 Tamahime

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